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How to Prepare Your Client for an Inspection Report

  • Tell your client that an interview will be calling to complete an inspection report.
  • Indicate that the insurance company mandates that an inspection report be done prior to issuing the policy
  • Inform your client that the examiners can be rescheduled if the interviewer calls at an inconvenient time.  He/she can simply specify a better time to call
  • Your client should be prepared to provide:
    • Financial information regarding income, assets and liabilities
    • Phone numbers of accountants and/or banks he/she is affiliated with
    • Names and addresses of past and present physicians
    • Medication (including spelling and dosage) that are presently being taken
  • Many questions are repetitious of questions asked on the application or paramedical.  Even so, incomplete answers will only result in delaying the issuance of the policy
  • We will be happy to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the inspection reporting process, just contact Portamedic-Wilshire Branch.

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